An easy mobile application that calculates your BMI & Pace while becoming your personal diary. Recommended for those taking the C25K program.


  • Calculate your BMI & Pace
  • Log how you feel and rate your run
  • Create/View/Update journal entries anytime

Existing Problem

This problem started when I first started running and I felt that I could not express myself about exercise only. It was not a easy journey for me and I thought I was running for a certain someone. I was clueless in the right running techniques and unsure of the pace of my runs.

Existing Solutions/Competitive Analysis

There are solutions that act as a journal but they do not address strictly for running or the C25K program. Below are two examples:
Journey – Diary, Journal

Competitors Featurescompetitor.PNG

  • Sync across devices with Google Drive using In-app data
  • Swipe between entries for easy reading
  • Lock diary: Pass-code & Fingerprint
  • Markdown shortcuts (In-app Purchase)
  • Word and character count
  • Create photo / video / sticker entry

S.W.O.T Analysis

Strength: Lots of features that enhances the users diary use.
Weakness: Does not incorporate fitness/C25K program
Opportunities: Can be suited specifically for fitness
Threat: A lot of diary/journal based apps

Mock-up Design

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above is the slideshow for the calculator function

App Screenshot

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Above is a slideshow on what the app looked like.


Things to improve on

  1. Better UI. (Buttons, Background)
  2. Form Validation for Log Diary
  3. Prevent Duplication in Write New
  4. Adding in more and better transitions
  5. Offer more features for BMI and Pace Calculator (How much to lose/gain for BMI, inform user what would be optimal pace for run/jogging/walking)
  6. View Diary & Search Diary can be shown more details


Android Studio Tutorial – 32 – Insert data into SQLiteDatabase by PRABEESH R K
Android Studio Tutorial – 33 – Read data from Database by PRABEESH R K
Android Studio Tutorial – 36 – Delete information from a Database by  PRABEESH R K
Android Studio Tutorial – 37 – Update Database by PRABEESH R
Create an Android BMI Calculator App by hundredvisionguy






1 thought on “RUN4ME

  1. Hi herwan, just a simple criticism for your app. Your app is quite simple to use and very user friendly. However i noticed that there are two different menus, one for the diary and calculator and the other for the BMI calculator and pace calculator which can be placed together making it easier for your users to find what they want simply by looking at the main menu.
    For your BMI calculator, an enhancement you can make is to include both metric and imperial measurements to cater to not only local audiences.
    For the list of runs, you can try to include a context menu on item click for the updating and deletion of entries instead of getting them to search.
    Wish you all the best for the rest of your portfolio.

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