What is it?

It is a straightforward mobile application that allows user to log in their past races and add pictures from their gallery.


  • Record and view races that you completed
  • Insert pictures from gallery and view it in a list view

Existing Problem

This problem started when I did my races and I never record pictures from it. Half of the time when I do take pictures, it is stored in my gallery and not kept in a dedicated folder. Hence this app, allows to make it happen.

Competitive Analysis

There are no apps that directly address this. However, I managed to find apps that allows user to log information and pictures during the race.
Such examples are

Run with Map My Run – MapMyFitness,Inc
RunKeeper GPS Track Run Walk – FitnessKeeper, Inc
Nike+ Run Club – Nike, Inc

Competitors Features


  • Log over 600+ activities: running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross training, yoga, & more.
  • An ad-free experience with special features
  • Training Plans (e.g., 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon) that adapt dynamically to  your fitness level as you improve to reach your running goals.
  • See your friends’ workout activity and always have someone there to motivate you.
  • Live Tracking to share your real-time running location and give loved ones peace of mind.

S.W.O.T Analysis

Strength: Lots of features that enhances the users exercise routine.
Weakness: Does not have an camera function
Opportunities: Increase or decrease more features
Threat: A lot of apps that does the same

Mock-up Design

Below is a wire-frame that I have created for illustration

new mockup.png

App Screenshot


Download Link

Things to Add

  • Able to view all pictures onto one name
  • Able to take images directly from the application
  • Able to insert images during race
  • Implement a location based service that can capture location and add into the race information
  • Add in social media sharing such as Facebook/Twitter


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– Herwan Shah

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