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A mobile application that displays a list of hackathons in Singapore and encourage users to participate in it.

Hackathon – an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.


  • List of Hackathon events with details such as description and location
  • Share Hackathon events to your friends via Direct Share
  • Save event into Calendar
  • Create an aggregator(web service) that include information from various websites through web scraping tools – ONLY ACCESSIBLE FROM WEBSITE

Existing Problem

A frequent participant in hackathons, I struggle to find events in my school. I had to rely on word of mouth and school email. Sometimes, I would have to search multiple websites online for upcoming events. Existing applications that address this issue are catered to overseas.

Existing Solutions/Competitive Analysis

There are apps in the market that address this

Coding Challenges & Hackathons

CodeHack – Hackathon tracker


Features include:

  • Programming & Coding Challenges: Stay updated about and register for the best coding challenges on HackerEarth.
  • Hackathons: Discover and participate in the best hackathons and coding contests around the world.
  • Hiring Challenges & Developer Jobs: The biggest firms in India are hiring on HackerEarth! Be involved in hiring challenges by top brands like Flipkart, Adobe, ThoughtWorks, IBM, Amazon,
  • Developer Community for the users/developers to interact with each other and share knowledge.
  • Individual event discussion forum for general discussion regarding the events.
  • RSVP integration to know how many of y our fellow mates are going for the event.

SWOT Analysis

Strength: Able to display more than just hackathon events such as job listings and advanced features
Weakness: Does not have a localized version
Opportunities: Increase or Reduce features
Threats: There are multiple applications in the market

Mock-Up Design


Web scrape data into JSON file using Parsehub

Parsehub is free/paid tool to extract data from websites through a web browser.
I had to learn from tutorials and help sections to understand how to extract the data.
For this application, I scrape from hackathon.com by the location in Singapore.


Creating a php file and insert the exported JSON file and making it to a web service


App Screenshot


Things to improve on

App link: http://goo.gl/usKSnB

Webhost server: https://hacakthonevents.000webhostapp.com/


Using the Android Calendar API – Tutorial
Implementing Android Marshmallow Direct Share
Parsehub as a web scraper
Source for web service – hackathon.com


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