A Mobile Software Development diploma graduate from Republic Polytechnic with an interest in IT such as mobile applications and website development.

I am a Programmer Analyst Trainee(Software Developer) for Cognizant Technology Solutions. It is my first developer role and I look forward to learning and contributing value to the company. Currently, I am doing Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.

Outside of work, I am a sports photographer that covers on Singapore Dodgeball. Occasionally, I do portraiture of friends in various locations. I co-founded Locale Sounds, a sound solutions company that provides premium audio equipment and key personnel for small events/projects.

During my downtime, I play games on the PS4/PC. I read self-help books and daydream a lot.

This website is an avenue where I write my views on anything interesting and to share my experiences and journeys along the way.

My opinions are not from my employers but of myself only.


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